NTC Journal Club

Summer 2018 Journal Club

The rate of relevant, important papers coming out is certainly not decreasing! While it’s important to stay aware of many papers, it’s also important to really go DEEP on a paper every now and then, and discuss it with others. So we are introducing a summer Yuste-lab journal club. We will be taking volunteers for each week’s discussion. There will be food. See you there!

Wednesdays 4:00-5:00pm | Yuste Lab, NWC 909 Conference room.

First meeting, May 9th:
The first paper will be this one, from the Churchland lab. It really emphasizes the importance of behavioral/movement related variables in shaping the dynamics of cortical activity. It has theoretical overlap with hydra work, especially with regard to parameterizing motor/behaviroral information. And, obviously, it has overlap with in vivo mouse studies and, in particular, data analysis.

Jordan will be the discussant on the first paper. He will give an overview of the paper, and try to keep it all to a very focused 30-45 minutes.

May 16th:
This week’s paper describes a novel type of synaptic plasticity that purports to be “non-hebbian” and arise from synaptic events which are not paired with action potentials.

Krishna has selected this paper and will be this week’s chief discussant.

May 23rd:
Yuriy will lead the discussion on this paper from the Brody lab. It involves rats, posterior parietal cortex (PPC, an associative, higher order cortical region), and a task involving the comparison of a current stimulus (a noise) to a previous one happening a few seconds prior. What’s interesting is that when the authors suppress the PPC with optogenetics, the rats get better at the task. They show that this is because the PPC is encoding mainly information about the past, but not necessarily for the goal of completing the trained task at hand.